R-2234 Platinum Based, RTV and Heat Cured, Silicone Rubber

Silpak R-2234 A/B Platinum Base (Addition Cure), two-component, room temperature curing (RTV) silicones rubber designed for mold making, embedding, electrical applications, and thermal expanding tools.  The controlled coefficient of thermal expansion makes this RTVs ideal for casting pressure pads and for use as an advanced composite tooling rubber. Use molds to cast polyester, urethane, epoxy, low melt metal (600F), thermoplastics (Polyvinyl), wax, soap, plaster, and any material where a release free casting is required. 

$25.00 - $575.00
Color, Mixed:
Mix Ratio, by Weight:
10A : 1B
Initial Mixed Viscosity, at 77F, cP:
Thermal Conductivity BTU-FT:
5.2 x 10(-4)
Hardness, Shore A:
37 (+/- 2)
Specific Gravity:
Tensile Strength, psi:
Elongation, %:
Tear Strength (pli):
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (cm/cm/c):
3.18 x 10(-4)

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